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  • Veronica Waite Circus Artist

    Australian Touring Professional Circus Artist and Coach

    Veronica Waite


    Veronica started her circus journey in 2009. She trained extensively at Pole and Aerial Divas as well as other renowned coaches from NICA for over 3 years, leading her to competitive pole dance and performing.

    After winning several state and national awards in pole dance, Veronica fell in love the stage and performing. Broadening her horizons to more performance opportunities and ways of moving and creating, Veronica started training contortion.

    Her interest in movement, flexibility, and sensuality is continuously explored throughout her distinctive and quirky acts. She now regularly performs across the country and internationally with her unique acts including Japan, Turkey, China, Germany, Singapore and America.

    Veronica is trained in Aerial hoop, Silks, Hammock, Trapeze, Sway Pole and Contortion. Veronica loves gaining new skills which is why her versatility and showmanship is recognized throughout the industry.


    Veronica is well known for her unique and entertaining performances. She loves pushing the boundaries for the love of performing and entertaining. Contact Veronica Waite for corporate events/performances and a guaranteed memorable show.

    Mimi and Veronica Aerial Duo

    Aerial Duo

    Mimi and Veronica started working together in 2016. Brought together by their passion for aerial, creativity and sensuality, They're aerial hammock duo is currently touring with Infamous the Show and has been since early 2021. They’ve created several unique shows on aerial loops and aerial hammock, and toured two acts in Tokyo, Japan as a part of Sadistic Circus, as well as numerous corporate events.

    Pole Dance Artist

    Competitive Pole Dancer and Performer

    Veronica's first love was pole dance. In her first few years of training and performing, she competed in state and national competitions, winning several awards.

    Since then she performed pole dance as a part of SteamPunk Circus 2020 and currently resident pole dancer with Infamous the Show.

    She's created sensual flowing acts as well as contemporary quirky character acts and loves both just as much.



    • Victorian Pole Champion Amateur winner 2013 
    • Australian Pole Championship amateur 2nd place 
    • Aerial Rising Star winner 2013 
    • Victorian Pole Championship Professional 3rd place 2014 
    • Australian Pole Championships ‘Best Trickster’ 2014 
    • Aerial All Stars competitor 2014/2015 
    • Paragon International Pole Championships amateur 2nd place 2015 
    • Victorian Pole Championship professional 4th place 2016 
    • Victorian Pole Championships professional 3rd place 2017 
    • Dance Filthy national competition 3rd place 2018 
    • Pole Theatre Finalist Pole Art divison 2018

    The Sway

    Sway Pole

    Veronica tours with the Melbourne-based, world-renowned performing arts company, The Sway. The Sway create and perform unique, large- scale visual spectacles that fuse theatre, dance and circus using their unique, trademark sway-pole apparatus.

    Visit Strange Fruit for more information about their upcoming performances.


    Recent Tours:

    Kabloom Flower Festival, Melbourne 2022

    Qingdao Beer Festival, China 2017&2019

    Saudi Arabia film festival march 2019

    Japan Setouchi Summer festival 2018

    Super bowl tailgate party - Feb 2018 - Minneapolis, MN, United States

    Woodford Folk Festival. - Jan 2018 - QLD Australia

    Turkey, Antalya. July/August 2016


    Aerial, Pole Dance, Flexibility, Contortion & Pilates

    Veronica started teaching gymnastics in her teens years before her pole and circus journey. Developing strong foundations in technique and body awareness, these skills transferred over to her pole and circus training and teaching. Veronica taught at Pole Divas in Melbourne for almost 10 years before starting her full-time touring circus gig with Infamous The Show. While on tour she teaches workshops in pole, aerial, acro/handstands and contortion in almost every town she visits. She has a passion for flexibility, flowing movement and creating unique shapes.

    Veronica is also a qualified IV Pilates Instructor and love to incorporate her knowledge into training her aerial and flexibility students.


    For more information on workshops and online coaching please contact by email;


  • Videos

    Contortion at Kabloom Flower Festival 2022

    April 2022

    Tesselar Flower Farm, Victoria

    Vera Von Vixon Pole performance at SteamPunk Circus 2021

    January 2021

    Rubik's Warehouse Melbourne

    Pole Theatre Pole Art


    Pole Art category 2018

    Lyra performance 2018


    ‘Dissolved girl’

    Silks guest performance


    At Last

    Contortion Body Paint Act 2019

    December 2019

    Thornbury Theatre Melbourne

    Aerial Hammock duo 2018


    ‘Black Cherry’ with Mimi Le Noire

    Contortion performance

    2018 ​​


    Australian Pole Championships 2017

    December 2017

    Veronica Waite, 2017 Australian Pole Championships Professional Finalist

    Australian Pole Championships


    .'Big Time Sensuality'

    Nominees Veronica & Danny

    Best Pole Duo - Victorian Aerial Awards

    Finding the perfect pole partner is not easy. You have to highlight each other’s strengths, compensate each others weaknesses, trust one another unequivocally, all while moving as one. These duos are a match made in pole heaven. Veronica and Danny have been nominated for the award of Best Pole Duo for their performance in FRISk.

    Australian Pole Championships 2015

    December 2015

    APC 2015 Woodland Creature

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    Veronica is famous for her stunning acrobatics and transitions, these moves have helped define her signature style as a professional performer. Contact Veronica Waite for your next corporate event.

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